Voluminous oesophageal bronchogenic cyst treated with thoracoscopic approach


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Alberto Oldani, Manuela Monni, Luca Portigliotti, Glenda Grossi, Sergio Gentilli, Paolo Bellora, Renzo Boldorini, Marcello Garavoglia

Ann. Ital. Chir.Published online (EP) 15 June 2015

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AIM: Bronchogenic cysts are congenital lesions deriving from the primitive foregut, and are usually located in close rela-tion to tracheobronchial tree or oesophagus. We report a case of an oesophageal bronchogenic cyst appearing at preoper-ative examinations as a benign fibromuscular tumour (leiomyoma).
CASEREPORT: A 62 years old male patient in good general conditions, was admitted to our Institution because of mod-erate dysphagia and upper post – prandial abdominal pain. Conventional imaging, endoscopy and echo endoscopy detect-ed a parietal oesophageal wall mass looking like a solid formation, determining extrinsic compression and narrowing ofthe lumen.
RESULTS: The mass has been radically removed with thoracoscopic approach. Postoperative stay was uneventful and thepatient was discharged three days after the operation. At histological examination the mass appeared as a cystic forma-tion with fibromuscular wall and ciliated epithelium (so – called disembriogenetic bronchogenic cyst).
CONCLUSION: The case we have reported describes a very unusual case of a voluminous symptomatic intramural oesophagealdisembriogenetic cyst whose characteristics had not been defined at preoperative examinations. Surgical removal of themass has been achieved with a minimally invasive approach