Unexpected findings in the routine histopathological examinations of appendectomy specimens A retrospective analysis of 1,970 patients


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Og˘uzhan Dincel, Mustafa Göksu, Bilge Aydin Türk, Burçin Pehlivanog˘lu, Serap Is¸ler

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2017 88, 6: 519-525

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AIM: to examine rare findings in the histopathologic examinations of specimens of patients undergoing appendectomy
due to the diagnosis of acute appendicitis.
METHODS: The files of 1,970 patients undergoing appendectomy due to the diagnosis of acute appendicitis between March
2012 and March 2016 were retrospectively investigated. Rare findings were found in 59 (3%) patients, and these were
evaluated in detail. Patients’ age, gender, pathology reports, and post-operation follow-ups were recorded.
RESULTS: The rare histopathological findings of 59 patients were examined. Of these, 31 were female (52.5%) and 28
were male (47.5%). The average age was 33.1±18.2 years. The unusual findings were as follows: 16 Fibrous obliteration,
11 Enterobius vermicularis, 2 Schistosomiasis, 3 Appendiceal neuroma, 2 Granulomatous appendicitis, 1 Crohn’s
disease, 3 Chronic appendicitis, 1 Endometriosis, 2 Hyperplastic polyps, 9 Mucinous cystadenoma (+mucocele), 8 Carcinoid
tumors and 1 Lymphoma. All of the malignant tumors were localized in the distal end of the appendix and all of the
patients were treated with appendectomy. Patients with parasitic diseases also underwent anthelmintic treatment, while
chemotherapy was administered to the patient with lymphoma. All of the patients diagnosed with malignancy were alive
reported no problems at their follow-ups.
CONCLUSION: Although all of the appendectomy samples were normal macroscopically, data from this study suggest that
all specimens should be sent for routine investigation.