Una rara causa di occlusione intestinale nell’anziano


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Sara Andreani, Stefania Cimbanassi, Raffaele Pugliese, Osvaldo Chiara

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2006; 77: 513-516

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Paraduodenal hernia is an unusual form of internal hernia that results from a congenital midgut malrotation. It is classified
as either right or left, depending on anatomic features, and embryologic origin. Left hernias are three times more
common than right. Clinical symptoms may be intermittent and non–specific, as nausea, distension and abdominal pain
or sometimes acute small bowel obstruction or ischemia. The average age at diagnosis is usually 38 years.
We report a case of right paraduodenal hernia in a 79 years old man admitted to the emergency department with an
acute small bowel obstruction.