Tumori retroperitoneali giganti: un liposarcoma di 13,5 kg.


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Andrea Cavallaro, Vito Catania, Marco Cavallaro, Davide Di Mauro, Alessandro Cappellani

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2007; 78: 515-519

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Retroperitoneal sarcomas (RS) are a rare group of malignant soft-tissue tumors.
They generally grow until they reach large size before becoming symptomatic, often involving surrounding structures.
CASE REPORT: The paper reports the case of a particularly large retroperitoneal liposarcoma (diameter: 48 x 44 x 32
cm, weight: 13.500 kg) surgically treated on a 92-year old woman: the patient tolerated the procedure well and was
discharged after a short hospitalization.
The paper, moreover, focuses on the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of this tumour
The need for radical surgery to remove the entire mass is certain, even if it is particularly large; furthermore, the patient
must be carefully monitored since retroperitoneal recurrence is frequent and must be treated, wherever possible, surgically.
After a review of the literature there is an evidence that higher tumor grade, non-liposarcoma histology, advanced stage,
incomplete surgical resection, and microscopic infiltration of surgery resection margins were found to be significantly
negative prognostic factors.
CONCLUSIONS: The study underlines the role of liposarcoma surgery management in order to offer the best chance of
long-term survival and, especially on elderly patients, a better quality of life.