Treatment of median incisional hernia Laparoscopic vs. open surgery: meta-analysis


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Francesco Coratti, Andrea Coratti, Riccardo Malatesti, Fabrizio Varrone, Walter Testi, Vinno Savelli, Vanessa Borgogni

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2014 85: 358-364

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In the last ten years we assisted to spreading of laparoscopic approach on the correction of median incisional hernia,
although for increased interesting toward mini-invasive techniques than for matching results between lap and open
The aim of our study is the critical analysis of the results of lap and open surgery in the approach of ventral hernia,
through the meta-analytical revision of the principal checked prospective trials.
There were emerged 7 perspective studies to fit to a meta-analysis with the revision of the literature, with 1165 patients
in total. Among the perioperative outcomes the briefer surgical time and a reduction of postoperative hospitalization were
observed with the significant statistic data in favor of the lap.
Laparoscopy can be considered a valid technical alternative to traditional open surgery in the treatment of ventral incisional
The advantages of mini-invasive approach are the reducing of the surgical time and of the total hospital stay. There
were not emerged any significant differences regarding the other surgical end-points or the recurrences of hernias after 1
and 5 years.


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