Treatment of acute diverticulitis with open abdomen technique


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Massimo Antropoli, Ferdinando Fusco, Antonio Brillantino, Michele Lanza, Giovanni Monte, Antonio Maria Cricrì, Francesco Scardi, Francesca Romana Ciorra, Ester Marra, Maurizio Castriconi

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2020 91, 6: 705-708

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AIM: The aim of this study is to highlight our experience about the use of open Abdomen’s technique as strategy for the management of complicated colon diverticulitis with a delayed anastomosis or colostomy.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty patients, with III and IV Hinchey stage, have been undertaken to a surgical procedure with Open Abdomen technique and application of Ab-thera device. A second surgical look was made after 48-72 hours in order to evaluate the possibility to do an anastomosis or colostomy.
RESULTS: No deaths in patients with anastomosis were reported, but one case of leakage at the 8th day and one case of micro pulmonary embolism had been displayed. Elderly patients were discharged between the 15TH /18th day. One patient affected by lymphoma was sent in haematology department for other treatment.
DISCUSSION: Today trend is to treat the diverticular disease with colic and paracolic abscess by a medical therapy and percutaneous drainage under CT scan or ultrasound view. With III and IV of Hinchey scale we perform the resection with anastomosis or colostomy. The open abdomen technique allows the surgeons to make the decision of colostomy or anastomosis in the second surgical look at 48-72 hours after the first treatment with irrigation and aspiration during AB-Thera.
CONCLUSION: The Open Abdomen technique is a valid therapeutic alternative approach for patients with acute diverticulitis disease in III and IV Hinchey grade. This therapeutic approach gives important advantages in patients with delayed colostomy.