Treatment and outcomes of patients with chronic radiation proctitis. A single-center experience and review of the literature


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Maurizio Gentile, Giovanni Cestaro, Cesare Formisano, Luigi Sivero

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2020 91, 6: 668-672

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Chronic radiation proctitis is a frequent complication after radiotherapy for pelvic malignancies. It is reported that 1 to 5% of patients develop chronic radiation proctitis even with recent advances in external radiotherapy. Hematochezia, mucus discharge, urgency and tenesmus are common symptoms and they can vary in severity but bleeding is often the most debilitating to the patient. Different options are reported for treatment of this condition that always should keep in differential diagnosis in patients with history of pelvic radiotherapy. Treatments range from easy, with topic administration of formalina, to expensive and requiring specialized equipment such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Surgery is reserved to patients with failure of conservative treatments due to the high risk of leakage and high morbidity up to 60%.