Trattamento del laparocele mediano con protesi reticolo-laminare (ComposixTM Mesh). Note di tecnica


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P. Negro, L. D’Amore, F. Gossetti, D. Tuscano, B. Battillocchi, D. Stabile, V. Vermeil, M. Carboni

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXI, 4, 2000

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In this paper, the authors present a modified Rives’ technique for the treatment of incisional hernias. This technique requires the use of a non absorbable prosthesis (ComposixTM Mesh) made of a double knit layer of monofilament polypropylene bonded with a single layer of low porosity e-PTFE insert e d behind the rectus muscles and fixed by metallic clips. The outer side (polypropylene) encourages complete host tissue incorporation to reduce recurrences, the inner side (e-PTFE) minimizes tissue attachment and, therefore, visceral complications.