Transdiaphragmatic blockage of the lymphatic may reduce bacterial translocation


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Ece Kocum, Baki Ekçi, Gülden Polat, Fadil Ayan

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2011 82: 83-88

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PURPOSE: Bacterial translocation is a spread of living and non-living bacteria and bacterial end-products, passing over
the mucosal barrier distending mesenteric lymph nodes, blood and viscera. DuraSeal(polyglycolic acid glue) has adhesive
power and it usually used in brain or spinal surgery . We aimed to show the barrier system effect using experiments,
in which intraabdominal infection induced and translocation from diaphragm to thorax is researched.
METHODS: We used 90 Wistar Albino male rats weighing 200-250 grams in our experiment. Laparotomy was performed
to all groups. After laparotomy, intraperitoneal 1 cc physiological saline was given in Group I (control). 1×109 cfu/ml/kg
(colony forming unit/mililiter/kilograms) E. Coli was injected intraperitoneally in Group II. In Group III, DuraSeal®
(Confluent Surgical, Inc., Waltham, MA) was sprayed on the diaphragm. After waiting for approximately 2 minutes to
see the barrier effect, 1×109 cfu/ml/kg E. Coli was injected intraperitoneally.
RESULTS: For the samples taken intraperitoneally, 100% breeding was determined in all groups except Group 1. While
no positive staining was observed in the thoraxes of the rats in Group I and Group III at the first hour, the positive
staining ratio in the Group II was 70%. The positivity ratio of Group II was 80% and the ratio was 50% in Group
III at the third and sixth hours. Regarding hemoculture E. Coli positivity, there was no proliferation in the hemoculture
samples of Group I at all time periods, whereas it was positive in the other groups excluding the first hour.
CONCLUSIONS: The synthetic hydrogel Duraseal®, which was designed to prevent postoperative fibrosis and air leakage,
was able to partially block the translocation of the bacteria to the thorax via lymphatic or directly.


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