The V-Y flap technique in complicated and recurrent pilonidal sinus disease


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Yavuz Savas Koca, Ihsan Yıldız, Mustafa Ug˘ur, Ibrahim Barut

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2018 89, 1: 66-69

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OBJECT VES: This study presents early and long term (5 years) outcome of 61 complicated pilonidal sinus disease cases
undergoing V-Y advancement flap method together with the literature data.
METHOD: Data of 336 patients undergoing surgery for pilonidal sinus disease between 2008 and 2012 were retrospectively
analyzed. Patients with defect size ≥ 10 cm, and more than one subcutaneous sinus tunnels were assumed to have
complicated pilonidal sinus disease. A total of 61 patients were included in the study. Age, gender, type of surgery, duration
of hospitalization, time of drain removal, pre-operative complications, and relapse rates at post-operative 5th year
were analyzed.
RESULTS: Of the 66 patients, 51 underwent unilateral V-Y advancement and 10 patients had bilateral V-Y plasty. Mean
duration of operations was 66.87±18.37 minutes for total, 61.02±12.30 minutes for unilateral V-Y plasty, and
96.70±15.04 minutes for bilateral V-Y plasty. Hemovac drains were removed at 5.59±1.91 days averagely, 5.16±1.37
in unilateral group, and 7.80±2.74 in bilateral V-Y plasty group. Of the 4 patients who developed wound site infection,
2 had unilateral and 2 had bilateral V-Y flap advancement. Postoperative hematomas developed in 2 patients with
unilateral flap and one patient with bilateral flapss. Seroma occurred in 2 patients with unilateral flap and one patient
with bilateral flaps. Dehiscence developed two patients, one patient from each group. The mean duration of hosptalization
was 5.98±2.21 days; 5.49±1.52 in unilateral group, and 8.50±3.34 in bilateral group. Early or late relapse
was not seen in any groups.
CONCLUS ON: V-Y advancement flap technique can be applied as an efficient method in the treatment of complicated
pilonidal sinus disease due to low relapse and complication rates.


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