The use of transillumination as a rational approach to sclerotherapy and endovascular laser ablation of varices. Results in the use of an original instrument.


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Marco Apperti, Ermenegildo Furino, Antonio Sellitti, Gennaro Quarto.

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2016 87: 396-399

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AIM: To explain the mode of using and the obtained results during EVLA procedures and sclerotherapies with support of Visioven®, a laser transillumination instrument. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 205 patients suffering from Chronic Venous Insufficiency – CEAP-C stage 1-2 enrolled (103 females and 102 males) and divided into two groups. A Group: patients candidate for sclerotherapy; B Group: patients to be subjected to endovascular laser ablation (EVLA). In both groups patients were divided into two sub-groups on the basis of the use of Visioven® or not during the procedure. The analyzed outcome variables were the total number of cannulations necessary to treat a whole limb, and the total procedure time. RESULTS: There is a statistically significant difference between the sub-groups in which Visioven® was used and the ones in which the procedure has been performed without using of any tools. Both in the sclerotherapy group than in the EVLA one, there is not a statistically significant difference for the time required to complete the procedures carried out with Visioven® compared with the ones performed without the use of any transillumination. DISCUSSION: Complete closure of the vein was highlighted. Total number of cannulations in sclerotherapy and EVLA procedures was reduced, as a consequence of a “smart” and “targeted” treatment achieved with Visioven® CONCLUSION: The VISIOVEN® system leads to have a more rational approach to sclerotherapy or Laser Ablation of teleangectasias and reticular veins as we can immediately verify the effectiveness of the treatment and adapting it to the desired effects.