The use of smartphones or tablets in surgery. What are the limits?


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Marcello Migliore.

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2014 85: 185-186

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the wider use of smartphones/tablet in medical practice is contributing to change healthcare delivery, and the new term m-Health (mobile health) is used to describe the mobile telecommunication, medical sensor technologies for the delivery of healthcare 1. Such form of communication is faster becoming a routine component of the complex health care delivery because the multifactorial evident advantages for patients, resident, consultant, hospital management, and family life 2,3. From our point of view we need a more deep insight to clarify the value of this new technology in a surgical unit. High resolution devices such as tablet computers and smartphones enhance clinical care, playing an increasingly important clinical role involving surgeon/physicians, patients, and residents. For example, because image files (x-rays, CT-scan, angiography etc.) can be included in the message, the consultant can see the images in few seconds from home or where she/he is, and consequently medical opinions can be delivered to the resident without hesitation and without needing to reach the hospital.