The supero-medial dermal-glandular pedicle mastoplasty with Wise pattern: an easy technique with a shorten learning curve. Is it the gold standard for severe gigantomastia?


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M. Paola Serra, Paolo Longhi

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2010; 81: 369-375

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The Authors present their experience using the supero-medial dermal-glandular pedicle technique with a “Wise pattern”
for severe gigantomastia, which they found easy to perform and to explain when teaching and they recommend its use
especially for junior who are at the beginning of their experience with breast reduction.
Although the preferred technique in our practice is the vertical scar mammaplasty with the superomedial pedicle according
to Hall-Findlay, we believe the extension of the “Wise pattern” is necessary for severe gigantomastia (> 1200 g).
From January 2005 to April 2008 50 breast reductions were carried out by the Authors using the supero-medial pedicle
technique with a Wise pattern skin resection.
The mean age was 40 years (range 20 to 65), mean body mass index was 28 (range 25 to 32) and mean weight of
breast tissue removed was 1450 g per side (range 1120 to 2200).
A maximum follow-up of 3 years was carried out. The complications were minor and self-limiting. The revision rate
was very low (2%) compared to the other techniques.
The supero-medial pedicle technique is a safe and reliable procedure in patients with severe gigantomastia and its versatility
allows to be performed on all types of breasts regardless of size or degree of ptosis.


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