The superior pedicle mammaplasty for the treatment of pedunculous breast


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Igor Papalia, Francesco Stagno d’Alcontres, Michele Rosario Colonna, Ali Mojallal M, Jean-Louis Foyatier

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2007; 78: 503-506

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ptosis, associated or not with hypertrophy of the gland, followed by satisfactory results. This technique is normally not
indicated in severe breast ptosis (pendulous breast) because of the excessive length of the pedicle supplying nipple-areolacomplex
(NAC), with the risk of ischemia. In these cases the standard technique is the free-nipple-graft mammaplasty.
However, the deepen knowledge about vascular anatomy of the breast and the habitude to perform superior pedicle
mammaplasty, induced the authors to indicate this technique even in these cases improving the aesthetic and functional
MATERIAL AND METHODS: The authors present a series of 30 patient with pendulous breasts, with sternal notch-nipple
distance equal or superior to 32 cm (45 cm maximum; mean value 35.1), treated with the superior pedicle mammaplasty
with inverted “T” scar. The results confirm the reliability of superior pedicle for the nipple-areolar complex blood
supply, associated with satisfactory aesthetic results due especially to the good breast projection.
CONCLUSIONS: They conclude that superior pedicle technique mammaplasty, even if normally not indicated in these cases,
is instead suitable for the treatment of pendulous breasts with great sternal notch-nipple distance, permitting to take
advantages of this technique.