The pedagogic evolution in Surgery: the University at the centre of a training which becomes territorialized The model of the region Marche


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Andrea Patrizi, Cristian Tranà, Andrea Baldoni, Pietro Coletta, Cristina Marmorale

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2014 85: 613-615

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AIM: We want to show a new organisational model of General Surgery training, in act in Università Politecnica delle Marche, which sees its strength in the territorial formative network. MATERIAL OF STUDY: In our Athenaeum, this organization is not a recent realization, but the firsts to have benefited completely of this system are the four residents who have completed the General Surgery formation in March 2014, for this reason we report their experience. RESULTS: The four residents benefited of the two years in the peripheral structures, two also performed a period in a foreign country, two chose to spend other 6 months in the peripheral structure to prepare the thesis of specialization; surgical activity has been, for each resident, of 400 interventions on average as first operator (237-476) distributed in great surgery 44 (13-80), middle 172 (129-268) and small 209 (70-378). DISCUSSION: The Formative NETWORK becomes an essential strength at the service of the academic world, the network foresees a continuous update, it can be easily standardized for every resident and it doesn’t raise barriers to the foreign countries experiences. CONCLUSIONS: With the purpose to conform the model of specialistic formation in General Surgery, we propose a new tailored italian organizational model, tested the lasts 6 years, which seems to give good results and conform to the european standard of surgical training.