The management of acute gastric volvulus


Efstathios K. Metaxas, Nicolas Condilis, Haralampos Kyriazis, Grigorios Chrisostomidis, Demetra Tsakri, Theodoros Kotsifas

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2007; 78: 511-513

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Acute gastric volvulus occurs when the stomach or a part of it rotates more than 180° which leads to obstruction (closed
loop syndrome), that finally concludes to incarceration and ischemia of the organ.
It can be observed as a result of diaphragmatic hernia, a gap of the diaphragm, pancreatic or gastric cancers, traumatic
injuries and fixation anomalies.
Parï first described acute gastric volvulus in 1579, in a patient with diaphragmatic injury after trauma. The first reports
of successful surgical repair and necrotomic findings were published in 1866 and 1897.