Textiloma: 28 years of foreign body mimicking pancreatic mass


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Merab Kiladze, G. Mikeladze, M. Mizandar, O. Kepuladze, Ts. Gatenadze

Ann Ital Chir, Digital Edition 2019, 8
Epub, February 18

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Problem of retained foreign bodies is still actual challenge at surgical practice at the present time. Retained surgical
sponges (cotton or gauze pads), which can be mistakenly left behind during different surgical operations, represent a difficult
diagnostic problem despite of using modern technologic procedures, such as US, CT, MRI and etc. These foreign
materials may cause serious complications and may lead even to mortality. Here, we describe a case of textiloma in
which the patient presented with abdominal discomfort, pain and fever after 28 years of partial gastrectomy operation.
Imaging revealed an abscess-like a big size pancreatic mass in upper part of abdominal cavity. The differential diagnoses
of this pathology and treatment options are discussed.