TEM in the treatment of recurrent rectal cancer in elderly


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Gennaro Quarto, Luigi Sivero, Giacomo Benassai, Luigi Bucci, Vincenzo Desiato, Stefano Perrotta, Gianluca Benassai, Salvatore Massa

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2014 85: 101-104

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INTRODUCTION: Transanal microscopic surgery is an important application of minimally invasive surgery of rectum, allowing realization of complex transanal intervention.
PATIENTS AND METHODS: During the period between January 2002 and December 2010, seven patients, five men and two women, average age 75 years, with early rectal cancer recurrence were selected for this type of surgical palliative procedure. The selection of the patients is made by: transrectal ultrasonography, colonoscopy and abdominal ultrasonografy, to rule out liver metastases, CT with and without enema, PET CT. Follow-up is approximately 12-30 months.
RESULTS: The pathologic staging confirms the complete excision of recurrences. Then patients are referred for more complementary therapies.
DISCUSSION: The significance of conservative treatment for local recurrence of rectum adenocarcinoma is still controversial because the recurrence is an expression of tumor spread not controlled by oncological surgical and radio/chemo therapy CONCLUSION: In selected subjects such as the elderly, based on equal oncological treatment, the reduction of surgical trauma, preservation of anatomical integrity and resolution of symptoms are important results.