Symptoms of obstructive defecation syndrome: functional outcome after stapled haemorrhoidectomy


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Aldo Bove, Vincenzo D’Addetta, Gino Palone, Tarcisio Paniccia, Stella Chiarini, Alfonso Lapergola, Giuseppe Bongarzoni

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2016 87: 161-165
Published online 18 December 2015

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BACKGROUND: Patients with haemorrhoids often present obstructive defecation symptoms. Preoperative they can be classified
in three groups: slight, severe and mild symptoms. Aim of this study was to postoperatively evaluate functional outcome
in patients who underwent stapled haemorrhoidectomy in mild obstructive defecation syndrome.
METHODS: We enrolled 98 patients with mild obstructive defecation symptoms using Wexner score preoperatively (range
8-16) from the 332 consecutive patients treated with stapled haemorrhoidectomy between January 2009 and December
2011. All patients were clinically examined 1 month after surgical treatment and every 6 months with a mean followup
of 30 months (range 24-42 months).
RESULTS: The 98 patients enrolled included 58 men and 40 women. There were no intraoperative complications.
Postoperative complications included four patients. A reduction of Wexner score from a mean preoperative score of 12 to
a mean postoperative score of 6 just 6 months after surgery was observed. This difference was statistically significant
(p<0.001: Mann-Whitney U test). CONCLUSIONS: Careful clinical evaluation of patients with haemorrhoids and obstructive defecation symptom is required to establish the most appropriate treatment. The results of this study indicated that stapled haemorrhoidectomy can improves the functional symptoms for patients with constipation symptoms of moderate degree.


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