Surgical treatment of solitary sternal metastasis from breast cancer Case report.


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Girolamo Geraci, Federica Fatica, Massimo Cajozzo, Alessio Antonino Anzalone, Giuseppe Modica.

Ann. Ital. Chir. Published online (EP) 25 May 2016

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BACKGROUND: Bone metastasis is a frequent and early complication of breast cancer. This case report describes a technique for a partial exeresis of the sternum and the reconstruction of the pleura with autologous dermis from the lower abdomen and the loss of substance with a myocutaneous flap. PATIENTS AND METHODS: We describe the case of a 50-year old woman with a sternal excavated lesion with pathologic fracture due to an invasive adenocarcinoma, treated with a partial exeresis of the sternum and the reconstruction with a myocutaneous flap. RESULTS: The patient doesn’t show evidence of recurrent disease and the stability of her chest well preserved. CONCLUSION: Metastatic breast cancer to the sternum, if detected early and treated aggressively, holds the possibility of such a cure.