Sulle cosiddette angiodisplasie dell’apparato digerente


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F.P. Mattioli

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXII, 6, 2001

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The chapter on angiodysplasias of the gastrointestinal tract raises numerous, still problematic, issues:
– classification of the disorder (its clinical presentation and classification)
– its anatomo-pathological identification
– diagnosis of its nature and localization
– treatment of patients with acute massive bleeding
– long-term outcomes
The possibility that an angiodysplasia underlies a bleeding event, even serious, makes this a timely topic. The exiguity of the lesion responsible for bleeding entails noteworthy diagnostic difficulties. By contrast, the relative rarity of such events, as well as of pertinent evidence in lite – rature, do not allow a better understanding of the disease or, above all, its management. Nevertheless, it is important to bear the disorder in mind when faced with massive bleeding of unknown origin.