Successful transanal removal of unusual foreign body self-inserted in the rectum


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Maurizio Gentile, Giovanni Cestaro, Gabriele Di Filippo, Bruno Amato, Luigi Sivero

Ann Ital Chir, 2019 90, 1: 88-92
Epub Ahead of Print – October 19

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Foreign bodies in the rectum are a true proctological emergency. The incidence of these cases is increasing in recent years
mostly due to auto-erotic acts and behavior disordes and is mainly observed in young patients. Most patients with rectal
foreign bodies present to the emergency room usually exhausted after efforts of removingothe object at home. Many
endoscopic and surgical techniques to get such removal have been described in the literature and the reported variety of
in foreign bodies is as large as the number of techniques used to remove them. Authors report a case of unusual foreign
body in the rectum that required multiple attempts to be removed and an original solution.