Straddle injury with anal sphincter and rectal rupture in a young girl. Case report


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Renato Pietroletti, Federica Delreno, Amalia D’Orsi, Stefano Caoci, Francesco Carlei

Ann. Ital. Chir.Published online (EP) 29 July 2015

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As a result of increasing sport or car accident, straddle injuries in pediatric age are becoming increasingly frequent. Mildlesions of the external genitalia and urinary apparatus, are mainly observed in blunt trauma, whereas more severe lesionsare reported in penetrating injuries; however, ano-rectal involvement alone, has been reported very rarely and especiallyin penetrating trauma. We describe herein a case of straddle trauma occurring in a 14yr old girl involved in a car acci-dent. The girl reported anal sphincter rupture and rectal wall tear with a blunt mechanism. No other involvement ofgenitourinary apparatus was observed. The diagnostic and surgical approach of this rare consequence of a straddle, bluntinjury are described and commented.