Squamous cell carcinoma and pilonidal cyst disease. Case report


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Francesco Esposito, Mario Lauro, Lucio Pasquale Tirone, Rosa Maria Festa, Gaia Peluso,Giada Mazzoni, Marco Scognamiglio, Simona Grimaldi, Antonio Fresini

Ann. Ital. Chir.Published online (EP) 20 February 2015

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AIM:Squamous cell carcinoma developed on a chronic pilonidal cyst.CASEREPORT:Authors describe the case of a squamous cell carcinoma developed on a chronic pilonidal cyst in a 63-years-old patient with a 43 years history of recurrent pilonidal sinus disease.
RESULTS:The patient underwent incisional biopsy, staging with total body CT and, finally, radical surgery. After 30months there were no evidence of recurrence.
DISCUSSION: Pilonidal sinus disease is a common disease that affects especially male subjects, obese and with excess ofbody hair. The complications that arise most frequently are cellulitis, abscess formation and developments of recurrences.Malignant transformation appears rather rare and is reported in the literature with a percentage that goes from 0.02%to 0.1%.
CONCLUSIONS: Authors recommend accurate inspection of the pilonidal area in all chronic and longstanding inflamma-tory lesions and possibly practice incisional biopsies to exclude malignant degeneration.