Sinus Pilonidale Analisi retrospettiva di 205 casi. Metodo chiuso versus metodo aperto


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G. Castronovo, A. Ciulla, G. Urso, G. Tomasello, S. Damiani

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXIV, 5, 2003

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Sinus pilonidalis or the sacrococcigea cyst, normally is considered a “small surgical pathology” and actually it is controversial disease regarding its pathogenesis and treatment. Today the congenital hypothesis of this pathology is not considered. The etiopathogenesis exclude vestigia embryonic origin and consider it an inflammatory disease. Traumatism of the sacral region, hirsutism, hormonal secretion stimulating, and furrow sacral furrow cutaneous, explain the prevalence of this pathology in the male sex and in the puberale age. It usually appears after the pubertà and extension one various frequency of presentation in males sex (1.3%) regarding females (0.11%).