Sindrome di Meigs: inquadramento clinico e trattamento


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M. Santangelo, M. Battaglia, G. Vescio, G. Sammarco, G. Gallelli, A. Vetere, L. Sommella, E. Triggiani

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXI, 1, 2000

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Meigs’ syndrome is a rare clinical entity characterised with ovarian benign tumour, ascites and hydrothorax. Between Genuary ‘94 – September ‘98 we observed three patients with: ovarian neoformation, light (1 patient), moderate (2 patients) monolateral pleural effusion, moderate (2 patients) and considerable (1 patient) ascites. In all patients the preoperative evaluation (siero-haematologic routine, Ca 125 and other onchologic markers, chest X-ray, abdominal and pelvic ultrasonography, total-body Tc, cytological analysis of pleural and abdominal effusion) was subgestive for malignancy but not confirmed it. So an explorative laparotomy with histological extemporary analysis was performed. The results were: 1 fibrotecomas, 1 fibroma, 1 ovarian inflammation with cystic luteinization areas and fibromatosis uterine. All three patients had a good postoperative course. The symptomatology and the effusions disappeared 7-10 days after operation. The first two cases were diagnosticated as classic Meigs’ Syndrome, the third one, instead, as a Pseudo-Meigs’ Syndrome.