Sensory block in Day Surgery


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Daniela Messineo, Paolo Izzo, Pier Francesco Di Cello, Sandro Spaziani Testa, Giulio Di Scala, Luciano Izzo
Collaboratori: Alessandro Monti, Giuseppe Marzio

Epub Ahead of Print – December 13
Ann Ital Chir, Digital Edition 2019; 8

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BACKGROUND: he aim of our research is to evaluate the efectiveness of the spinal anesthesia versus Local Anesthesia within the context of Day Surgery.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: his study is a clinical trial. 140 patients were enrolled (60 female, 80 male). Some parameters have been evaluated with scales ASA, Bromage Scale, Hollmen Scale, Numerical Rate Scale, and Patient Satisfaction that are now internationally recognized as valid to assess both the degree of anesthesia and the patient beneit.
RESULTS: Data is mostly matching between the two groups, even though there are some diferences. Every patient from the group SUB underwent a single sensory block due to the fact that everyone had a Bromage Score under 2 and Hollmen score between 2 and 3
CONCLUSIONS: Results showed the versatility of the SUB blockage in a Acute postoperative pain is associated to the surgical treatment and is still today unavoidable. We always tried to keep in check or even avoid the pain, thinking it is useless and ethically inacceptable. It is considered dangerous since it starts neurovegetative and neuroendocrinal cascade which lead to delayed functional and psychophysical recoverywider population, compared to the LAs, the better surgical planning, but mostly a better analgesia over the following 24 hours and a better satisfaction. Despite all these findings the patients continue to prefer the local anesthesia.


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