Schwannoma of the parotid gland. Case report


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Giuseppina Fini, Alessandra Leonardi, Elidon Mici, Valentina Pellacchia*, Valerio D’Orazi, Vittorio Pasta

Ann. Ital. Chir.Published online (EP) 24 June 2015

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Schwannoma is encapsulated benign tumors arising from nerve cell. Of which ancient schwannoma is one of five vari-ants. Intraparotid facial nerve schwannoma is been documented sporadical throught the medical literature, althought afew ancient schwannomas have been reported in different locations in the head and neck region. In this report, a 31year old man patient with an misunderstanding tumor of the parotid gland is described and the histopathologic examwas performed to diagnosed the schwannoma.