Scar endometriosis, a tricky diagnosis. A case series report and a short review of the literature


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Nikoletta Rapti, Dionysios Katsaounis, Georgios Rallis, Stella Ioannou,
Dimosthenis Rammos, Dimitrios Filippou, Panagiotis Skandalakis

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2018 89, 3: 223-228

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section (C-section) or of a hysterectomy. Scar endometriosis is a misdiagnosed condition in general surgery, since it mimics
other surgical conditions. Diagnosis is mainly based upon a high index of suspicion.
AIM: The purpose of this study is to highlight the characteristics of this rare pathology and assess the diagnostic algorithm
and therapeutic options.
METHODS: The article is a case series and therefore no specific methods have been applicable.
RESULTS: In the current study, we present a case series of seven cases with abdominal pain on the Pfannenstiel incision,
treated in our department during a two years period, between 2014 and 2016, followed by a brief review of the
CONCLUSION: Scar endometriosis may be difficult to diagnose as it is an unfamiliar entity to general surgeons. This condition
can be confused with other surgical conditions. Imaging methods, such as ultrasound or CT-scan should be used
for differential diagnosis. The prevention of scar endometriosis may also be important. Surgical excision is the treatment
of choice for scar endometriosis.


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