Ruolo del palloncino intragastrico riempito ad aria (Heliosphere Bag®) nel trattamento dell’obesità grave. Esperienza personale


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Carmelo Sciumè, Girolamo Geraci, Franco Pisello, Enrico Arnone, Mariangela Mortillaro, Giuseppe Modica

ann. Ital. Chir., 2009; 80: 113-117

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INTRODUCTION: Obesity leads to serious health consequences, therefore many strategies are recommended for preventing
or curing this emerging problem. Treatments are various: diet, physical activity, psychotherapy, drugs and bariatric surgery.
In order to try to improve the tolerance of intragastric balloons, a new device inflated with air to improve weight loss
was developed in 2004 (Heliosphere BAG).
We report our personal experience about this tool.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: Between January 2005 and December 2007, in our unit, 50 intragastric air filled insertion
were performed under analgosedation and endoscopic control.
The balloon was removed (24 hours) in two patients (4%) for acute intolerance. In other 2 patients (4%) the balloon
was easily removed after 5 months because of premature desuflation, radiologically confirmed.
The remnant 46 balloons were removed after six months. We evaluated efficacy, tolerance and the safety of this procedure.
RESULTS: Forty one women and 9 men, with a mean age of 38.1 years (range 18-62), mean basal BMI of 39.8 (range
28-64) were included, after providing informed consent. Weight and BMI loss were evaluated on all patients. BMI
decreased 5.9 %, weight loss was 16.8 kg. Tolerance was very good, limited only to some dispeptic symptoms during the
first 2 days after insertion. No serious technical problems were noted at balloon insertion. Balloon removal was very simple
after correct desuflation after the conclusion of learning curve (10 procedures).
DISCUSSION: The aim to treat obesity before bariatric surgery is based on reduction of bariatric surgical risks, general
surgical risks and the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders and some cancers.
CONCLUSIONS: The intragastric air filled balloon showed an acceptable profile of efficacy, good tolerance and improvement
of comorbidities after 6 months.