Rules to be adopted for publishing a scientific paper


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Nicola Picardi

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2016 87: 1-3

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The main question to ask himself when preparing to write an article is “why publish a scientific paper?” First of all to publish an own article qualifies his author – or authors – as “scientist”. Because the surgery is a mixture of art and knowledge, which coexist and interreact mutually increasing each other, scientific publications are the world where ideas are shared. Secondly, to an academic career is essential to be Author of scientific publications; but also for those who follow an hospital career or simply exercise the surgical profession in other contexts it represents the opportunity to communicate their experience and give a personal contribution to the knowledge of the art. The commitment of the academic world in particular must also stimulate new generations to pursue not only technical skills but at the same time updating their knowledge, and its members must also take on the role of researchers. The dissemination of ideas in the scientific community is a milestone for progress, because if they are not shared their concrete value is fleeting, and professional surgical activity value is itself transient and ephemeral, while the written documentation very often goes beyond the time, but certainly beyond space, stably transmitting ideas: “scripta manent”.