Rettocolite ulcerosa in urgenza ed emergenza: nostra esperienza


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S. Miniello, M. Nacchiero, M. Testini, N. Tomasicchio, G. Cristallo, G. Lissidini, G.M. Bonomo

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXIV, 5, 2003

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The authors refer their experience in Urgent Ulvcerative Colitis. They define the various clinical maniferstations and then specify the necessary elements for a corrent nosological arrangement.
About diagnosis, their confirm the inconvenience of clinical examination like as colonscopy or an opaque clysma, giving their choice to other parameters, like as clinical, hematic (PCR), microscopic and cultural of the faeces, radiological (direct abdomen radiography; abdomino-pelvic echography; abdomino-pelvic TC, better if spiral), endoscopic (rectoscopy with minimal insufflation).
They explain their guideline about medical therapy, the strategy adopted in relation to its duration, the protocol of evaluation during the administration period and the predictive sighs of its possible failure.