Reinterventi a distanza in chirurgia addominale. Esperienza personale nell’urgenza


Michele Nacchiero, Curzio Lorusso, Rinaldo Marzaioli

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2005; 76: 251-260

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The Authors, regarding their emergency surgical experience, examine the need of reintervention in abdominal surgery at
a distance (operations carried out not less than 30 days after previous procedure), a controversial situation, usually dealt
with empirical approach.
Such a feature is not rare in the experience of a surgeon; nevertheless still few are the studies concerning the severity of
the disease and related complications requiring surgery.
Occasionally it is really difficult – quite impossible- in these often complex clinical conditions, to identify the aetiology
and even to perform a pre-operative diagnosis. Sometimes other factors may inhibit an exhaustive evaluation (acute onset
of the symptoms, time spent from the former procedure, choice of the patient to refer to another surgeon) thus conditioning
an adequate review of the first surgical act.
The Authors study the more frequently observed clinical feaures, post-surgical abdominal adhesive syndrome, cancer recurrence,
incisional hernia.
Former surgical diseases and the latter one may be the same, but not necessarily. Surgery is only a feature of the treatment
(multimodal treatment) in case of neoplastic recurrence. Morbidity and mortality concerning the latter surgical procedure
are higher than the mere sum of those related to both the former and last operation performed (pre-operative
disease understaging).
Finally it must be stressed the need for early and accurate diagnosis to clearly steer the choice and course of surgical


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