RECENSIONI DI LIBRI: “Endosonography in gastroenterology” – “Atlas of thumb and finger reconstruction” – “The art of surgery – Exceptional cases …” – “Le sofferenze anorettali”


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H. Dancygier, Ch. J. Lighdale – G. Loda – M. Trede – V. Forcheri

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXI, 3, 2000

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H. Dancygier, Ch. J. Lighdale
“Endosonography in gastroenterology”
Since its clinical inception around 17 years ago, endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) has develped into an established technique for obtaining additional diagnostic information to supplement the findings of endoscopy, c o n ventional sonography, and computed tomography in specific applications. The performance of EUS is still restricted to experienced specialists; howe ver, this book is intended not only for endosonographic specialists, but also to demonstrate the clinical significance of EUS to practicing internists, gastroenterologists, and surgeons.
Preface of the Authors

G. Loda
“Atlas of thumb and finger reconstruction”
Each decade in reconstructive surgery implies that techniques as well as concepts are to be reviewed. This is why, now that am writing the preface of my own book, experience a strange mix of pride, joy, and perhaps apprehension-or maybe this is due to the emotion any author feels when his or her work is finished.
Preface of the Authors

M. Trede
“The art of surgery – Exceptional cases – Unique solutions – 100 case studied”
This is not a surgical textbook. Nor is it an art volume. It is a collection of 100 surgical sketches that have accumulated in the course of 40 years as a surgeon. How did this come about? Why do sketches of operations
at all? To begin with, as a schoolboy in England, I was encouraged to draw all specimens that we had to dissect in zoology and botany.
Preface of the Authors

V. Forcheri
“Le sofferenze anorettali”
I dolori ano-rettali costituiscono un capitolo della proctologia non certamente nuovo nella bibliografia internazionale medica: ogni trattato di colonproctologia vi dedica almeno un capitolo mentre nelle riviste mediche, anche se sporadicamente, si possono leggere i resoconti di considerazioni, ricerche ed esperienze concernenti la
patologia algica ano-rettale.
Preface of the Authors