Rare case of giant lymphocele treated with supramicrosurgical approach


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Guido Gabriele, Giulio Tommasino, Flavia Cascino, Biagio Roberto Carangelo, Federico Zerini, Gianluca Niccolai, Rossella Del Frate, Junfeng Xu, Paolo Gennaro
Ann Ital Chir, Digital Edition 2020, 9
Epub, Nov. 30

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INTRODUCTION: Lymphocele (or cystic lymphangioma) is a typical disease of the lymphatic vascukarization caused by lymphatic fluid leakage. Lymphatic leakage can result from traumas or as a complication of surgical procedures. Clinic is vague and surgical resection is still considered the most effective approach. Thereby, a standpoint should be the identification and treatment of afferent lymphatic channels which can be addressed by LVA.
CASE PRESENTATION: The authors describe a rare case of a giant lymphocele occurred in a 56-year-old Caucasian woman treated for endometrial carcinoma. Lymphocele was refractory to percutaneous drainage and compressive treatment. Therefore surgical excision in combination with supramicrosurgical lymphatico-venular anastomosis (LVA) was scheduled.
CONCLUSIONS: The aim of the report is to offer an overview on the main therapeutic options to treat lymphocele and to demonstrate the effectiveness of combining excision with lymphatic microsurgery.