Progressi e prospettive della chirurgia robotica (Cybersurgery)


Fulvio Falcone

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2006; 77: 281-286

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Aim of this paper is to describe the last progress of surgical robotics owing to the more precise and more reliable instrumentations
The surgical robotic applications suported by these technological developments and by the new applications allowed by
the outsanding contribution of Electronic Bioengeneering
Had the possibility to utilise more powerful Telecommunications Networks, essential tool for the data transmission, having
an impact in several areas like Telemedicine, Diagnosis and Medical and Surgical Therapy of the patient. The data
transmission in real time, that of course is not influenced by the distance, allows a new virtual contact (Map-Volume)
and a Clinical threedimensional Anatomical Space (3D) operative between the surgeon and the complex robotical system.
Formed by the Monitor/Controller/Robot Surgeon/patients and distant neighbours.
The use of Robotic Surgery, more and more involved in Telemedicine and in the complex system of teleassistance inside
the Emergency Centres for all type of catastrophe,will be essential and decisive in the nearer future.
In conclusion, many new scenarios with various applications have be opened us for Telerobotic Surgery.
Innovations, applications, developments of new systems will involve a greater and greater number of technicians, Doctors,
Bioengineers, Clinical Engeneers, Informatic Staff in all Telemedicine sectors.