Post cholecystectomy syndrome: an out of date topic?


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Andrea Cavallaro, Vincenzo Cavallaro, Mario Trainiti, Alessio Licciardello, Alessandro Cappellani

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2009; 80: 403-406

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The post-cholecystectomy syndrome, whose finding is always possible, apart of cases of biliary tract iatrogenic injuries
(stenosis or leakages), is related to a residual cystic stump lithiasis or more often related to a synchronous main bile duct
disease (lithiasis and/or oddities) that could be prevented by pre- or intra-operative cholangiography. The clinical suspect
of those conditions should be confirmed by cholangio -MRI. The treatment of main bile duct lithiasic disease is essentially
endoscopical. The treatment of the remnant stump lithiasis – flogosis could be performed by laparoscopic or more
often by laparotomic surgery because of post-operative flogistic adhesions, especially if an open cholecystectomy has been
already performed.