Possibile complicanza tardiva della gastroplastica verticale secondo Mason: il decubito della benderella


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Teresa Rea, Gianni Sigismondi, Sonia Di Paolo, Francesca Mitri, Caterina Manika, Michele Fiordaliso, Nicola Picardi

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2008; 79: 327-334

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AIM: To evaluate possible adverse consequences and complications following the procedure of Mason-Mc Leans Vertical Banded Gastroplasty (VBG), and in those cases the possibility to be related to a surgical mistake.
PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: It is based on a casuistic of more than 180 patients, submitted to this restrictive bariatric surgery in the same institution since 2001. Controls of the prescribed postop follow up revealed a very low rate of complications, as only in three cases, all of them with spontaneous presentation, there was a complication related to the banding.
RESULTS: All the observed complications were related to a late postoperative inadequate alimentation for excess of meals, after the immediate orthodox behaviour of the first months.
DISCUSSION: From the comparative evaluation of all the patients submitted to the Mason-McLean procedure it seems of the utmost evidence the importance of a correct alimentation, mainly to the low bulk of the single meal, to avoid complications and obtain the best EWL%.
CONCLUSIONS: Adherence to the guidelines for the post op alimentation in such patients is the key to obtain the best results from the operation avoiding the side effects and complications here described.