Politrauma complesso: gestione poli-specialistica Caso clinico


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Antonio Martino, Bernardino Rampone, Gautam Maharajan, Maria Lucia Sacco, Giovanni Martino, Francesco La Rocca, Pasquale Sansone

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2009; 80: 325-330

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The Authors report the clinical course of M.L., a 22 years old man. He came to our observation after a road accident,
in third care. In the former hospital admissions hemodynamic stabilization, surgical haemostasis of multiple hepatic lacerations
with hemoperitoneum and right leg amputation were performed. He arrived to our department in a critical
condition owing to mild respiratory insufficiency due to many rib fractures with sero-haematic spillage into the pleural
cavity, in dialytic treatment for acute renal insufficiency consequent to right renal artery damage, softs tissues necrosis of
the amputation stump with sepsis and persistent fever until 40°C. The treatment and care of this patient required a
team-work with the collaboration of many specialists, namely surgeons, nephrologists, anaesthetists, interventionist radiologists
and hyperbaric oxygen therapy experts. Tanks to such collaboration we achieved an excellent quoad vitam result.
The aim of this paper is to confirm and emphasize the central role of a Trauma Team, fed in a Trauma Center and
in a Trauma System, in the management of complex traumas.


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