Poland syndrome: an algorithm to select the appropriate chest wall surgical reconstructive treatment


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Stefano Chiummariello, Alessandra Pica, Giuseppe Guarro, Sergio Arleo, Carmine Alfano

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2014 85: 237-243

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AIM: Poland syndrome is a constellation of rare congenital anomalies of the chest wall, with or without alterations to
the ipsilateral superior extremity. Actually Foucras’ classification is commonly used to choose the most appropriate surgical
treatment, but often only a radiological classification proves unsatisfactory in order to achieve the best aesthetic result.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: Since November 2006 in our institute have been treated 6 patients (3 M, 3 F) with Poland
Syndrome affected by only chest wall and/or breast deformities.
RESULTS: We treated 6 patients opting for different surgical procedures, depending on the deformity detected. We experienced
only one procedural complication, a fat necrosis with superior migration of the prosthesis, successfully managed.
DISCUSSION: Surgical alternative treatments of the Poland’s abnormalities of the chest wall are independent from the corrective
surgery of the ipsilateral affected forearm ad hand. Surgeons should be able to develop an operative plan to address
aesthetic goals while preserving muscular functionality. Indeed surgical techniques should be minimally invasive and possible
available in every hospital structure.
CONCLUSIONS: This study has been designed to review a series of surgical options of breast reconstruction in patients
with Poland Syndrome in order to develop a new flow chart to plan the best surgical choice analyzing only breast/chest
wall deformities according to Blondeel’s point of view about reconstruction of the new breast and thoracic wall.


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