Percorsi educazionali nella chirurgia del trauma


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Sergio Ribaldi, Stefano Massimiliano Calderale, Massimo Coletti, Gregorio Tugnoli, Marco Casali, Franco Baldoni, Ammamaria Meterangelis

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2007; 78: 333-340

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quality in which he is affirming a variety of formative methodologies. Particularly must be uses specific systems for the
adult education.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: The project that is introduced it concerns a post-university formative run on the trauma
with courses of target multidisciplinare or specialistic that answers to the need of specific knowledges on the whole run
of clinical continuity of the patient. 236 students have currently participated, in non systematic way, developing inte –
ractive courses with a 40% of the hours devoted to the practical activity.
RESULTS: The initial results of this activity show the validity of the model to increase his/her own abilities and to answer
to the professional needs.
CONCLUSIONS: The formative application appears directed to the development of coherent and systematic trials “problem
directed” with strong involvement of the participants in practical activity and clinical experiences comparison.