Paraesophageal hernia: Surgery problems in emergency


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Andrea Cavallaro, Vito Catania, Marco Cavallar, Antonio Zanghì, Alessandro Cappellani

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2008; 79: 199-203

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CASE REPORT: It has been demonstrated that paraesophageal hiatal hernia surgical repair can be performed by endoscopic means, but the procedure is not standardized and results have not been evaluated systematically so far. The Authors report a case of strangulated paraesophageal hiatal hernia occurred in a elderly man and treated with open approach. Eighteen months later, follow up has demonstrated the effectiveness of the repair and the total remission of the symptoms. Recurrences after paraesophageal hiatal hernias repair may decrease with usage of mesh in the hiatus; however uniform criteria for this procedure are lacking. After review of the literature inheriting this uncommon pathology, that present about 5% of the hiatal hernias, no conclusions could be drawn regarding the reliability of the laparoscopic procedure and the necessity for an additional antireflux repair. Moreover, uniform specific indications for the need of an esophageal lengthening procedure or preoperative assessment methods for shortened esophagus cases could not be detected.
CONCLUSIONS: treatment based on standardized protocols for preoperative assessment and postoperative follow-up is required to clarify the current controversies inherenting surgery indications and approach.


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