Pacing Gastrico. Una nuova frontiera nel trattamento dell’obesità grave


Giorgio Gaggiotti, Fabio Di Matteo, Cristina Sirolla

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2005; 76: 445-453

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A new bariatric procedure, gastric myo-electrical stimulation, has been developed.
The Implantable Gastric Stimulator (IGS©) induces satiety while avoiding the morbidity and mortality of the common
restrictive malabsorptive or combination restrictive or malasorptive procedure.
The procedure does not alter normal anatomy. Advantages of IGS therapy are simplicity, a more rapid procedure, a safer
procedure and a lack of nutritional side effects associated with some bariatric operation.
The devices consists of a stimulation lead implanted in the gastric wall, connected to an electronic pulse generator
(Transcend® IGS®, Transneuronix Inc, Mt. Arlington, NJ, SA) implanted subcutaneously into the abdominal wall.
The lead is implanted by laparoscopy into the muscular layer of the lesser curvature of the stomach at the end of the
pes anserinus area.
The generator is connected (proper connection, was confirmed via radio frequency programming), and implanted subcutaneously.
The mechanism of action of the IGS therapy requires a concomitant program of diet and lifestyle modifications in order
to optimise the results.