Occlusione ileale da enterolita migrato da diverticolo di Meckel


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F. Tosato, F. Corsini, S. Marano, S. Palermo, A. Piraino, L. Carnevale, F. Scocchera, L. Vasapollo, A. Paolini

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXI, 3, 2000

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The authors present a case report of an intestinal obstruction due to a relatively big coprolite migrated from a large Meckel’s diverticulum to the distal Ileum. The patients aparently healthy and a vegetarian, complained on admission of the absence of emission of faeces and gas since four days before with noticeable abdominal distension. In the physical examination he presented intestinal meteorism, a hard abdomen, painful on deep palpation in the median quadrantes, especially in the epigastric and mesogastric ones. The abdominal X-RAY in the standing position confirms :an occlusive state with numerous liquid levels in the Ileum. Because of a worsening of the sintomatolog y and the apperance of generalized comprimission, two days later an exploratory laparatomy was performed.