Obiettivi di un programma di chirurgia senza sangue. Studio comparativo (chirurgia maggiore vs chirurgia minore-media) su 51 pazienti testimoni di Geova


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D. Proposito, R. Gramolini, V. Corazza, B. Mancini, S. Gallina, L. Montemurro, S. Veltri, M. Carboni

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXIII, 2, 2002

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Aim: The purpose of this retrospective review of the charts of 51 Jehovah’s Witness patients, who underwent surgery without blood transfusions, was to compare two study groups (major surgery vs minor-medium surgery).
Methods: We compared the following variables: age, sex, length of stay, type of surgical operation, use of intraoperative red cell salvaging devices, hemodilution, number of drainages and their stay, postoperative blood loss, complications, need of reoperation and mortality rate. Between medical variables we focused on blood production therapy and nutritional support (administration of iron, folate, erythropoietin and albumin) and blood tests (at the first day of admission; intraoperative; at the first postoperative day; at the discharge).