Obesità e chirurgia plastica


Nicolò Scuderi, Carmine Alfano, Paolo Mezzana

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2005; 76: 455-460

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The number of the bariatric surgical procedures to obtain a body weight loss is increasing, and will be higher in the
years to come. The plastic surgeons are witnessing in parallel a meaningful growth of requests for surgical procedures to
obtain a reshaping of body profiles after the procedures of bariatric surgery.
The surgical techniques of bariplastic surgery can be divided in three main groups:
1. Dermolipectomies (associated or not with lipoplastics)
2. Mammaplasties (with or without prostetic implant)
3. Combined techniques (torsectomies).
To correctly treat the morbid obese patients the multidisciplinary collaboration of a medical equip is of paramount importance.
Bariplastic surgery after massive loss of weight has grown safe and efficacious if made on selected patients and in
the hands of wide experienced surgeons.