Nonparasitic cysts of the liver: laparoscopic treatment and long-term results


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A. Cappellani, A. Zanghì, M. Di Vita, E. Lo Menzo, P. Conti

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXIII, 1, 2002

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Background: in the current debate on the indications for the laparoscopic treatment of symptomatic simple hepatic cysts, we emphasize the importance of the exact indications, practicing in an area endemic for hepatic hydatidosis. 8 years ago we started treating laparoscopically the simple hepatic cysts and the polycystosis. Although the laparoscopic approach to parasitic hepatic cysts has been recently introduced, this method has to be the result of a conscious choice and with a presumptive diagnosis to support it. In fact, reviewing the literature on the subject, we realized how most of the intraoperative complications were due to an erroneous preoperative diagnosis, likely to be attributed to the infrequent observation of hepatic hydatid disease. Hence, it seems of primary importance to review the subject in light of the potential dangerous aspect of the laparoscopic approach.


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