New method for bacterial load measurement during hydrodebridement of cutaneous ulcer


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Marco Apperti, Adriana Di Lucia, Luigi Goffredi, Pasquale Federico, Eddy Mattera, Andrea Masella, Mattia Davide Della Rocca, Sarah Apperti

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2008; 79: 187-192

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AIM OF THE STUDY: Based on their experience using Versajet® for debridement of chronic wounds, the Authors set up a study protocol to verify whether the hydrosurgical cleansing could offer the possibility of taking tissue specimens suitable for diagnostic microbiological evaluation. The aims of to study were the following:
MAIN PURPOSE: To evaluate the efficacy of hydrosurgery in detecting the presence of microorganisms and measuring their load, as an alternative to conventional tissue sampling methods;
SECONDARY PURPOSE: To set up an easier and less invasive diagnostic modality than surgical biopsy, even though likewise significant. RESULTS: The results of this study show that tissue specimen collection by hydro-aspiration using Versajet® is comparable to biopsy sampling (and in some cases it can be even more reliable); moreover, it is not more time-consuming and is certainly less invasive. Compared to surgical biopsy, with such a method a greater amount of tissue may be collected; moreover, tissue specimens can be taken from a broader surface or, depending on the needs, from a more focused area on the margin or at the bottom of the wound.


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