Multidisciplinary approach to follicular thyroid carcinoma with giant mandibular and multiple sites metastases Case report


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Loredana De Pasquale, Dimitri Rabbiosi, Alessandro Bardazzi, Luca Autelitano, Giacomina Pierina Moro, Giorgio Ghilardi.

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2014 85: 601-605

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Metastatic tumors generally have poor prognosis, with short survival period and rarely indication to surgical treatment. In case of thyroid-differentiated cancer with distant metastases, prognosis is usually better, because of the possibility of treating metastasis by Radio Ablation by 131Iodine, after surgery. We report the case of a 65 years old woman, presenting with a giant mandibular metastasis from follicular thyroid carcinoma, originating from a cervico-mediastinal nonfunctioning goiter, with lung metastases. After the diagnostic work-up, she underwent left hemi-mandibulectomy, reconstruction by the placement of a precustomized titanium plate with condylar prosthesis and total thyroidectomy. Subsequently the Patient was treated by Radio Ablation by 131 Iodine, in four consecutive sessions. She is alive with no progression of the neoplasm after forty-six months follow-up. Even in advanced differentiated thyroid carcinoma, surgery should be taken into consideration, to treat the patient by complementary therapies and to improve the prognosis in term of survival.


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