Metastasi cistica pancreatica da carcinoma polmonare. Presentazione di un caso


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C.P. Ramirez Plaza, M.A. Suàrez Muñoz, J. Santoyo Santoyo, F.J. Perez Lara, Maurizio Iaria, Lucia Raso, J.L. Fernandez Aguilar, M. Jimenez Hernandez, R. Arrabal Sànchez, J.A. Bondia Navarro, A. de la Fuente Perucho.

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXII, 1, 2001

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We report the case of a patient with a metachronous cystic pancreatic metastasis from an undifferentiated large cell lung carcinoma two years after the primary tumor had been surgically removed. Clinically, he presented with epigastric pain, fever, weakness and anorexia. The patient was operated and a palliative cystogastrostomy was performed after an intraoperative biopsy had been informed as positive for carcinoma. Six months later the patient died. Pancreatic metastases from lung carcinoma are found in aproximately 7-9% of patients deceased of this neoplasm. Clinical and radiological fndings simulate primary pan – creatic tumors, being epigastric pain, jaundice and upper digestive bleeding the most frequent symptoms. They repre – sent stages of advanced systemic disseminated tumoral disease, and because of this reason total or partial surgical cura – tive resections will only be performed in a few cases of patients with isolated metastasis, criteria of resectability and without evidence of extended disease to other organs or systems. In the most of the cases, the treatment will only be palliative, even medical or surgical.